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Andrew Gravely, recruiter, staffs most salaried positions nationally including technical, sales, operations,etc. Phone anytime. You can call at your convenience from home if it fits your schedule. I prefer a landline for clearer conversation if you have one*. Call 7:30 am to 9:30 pm, 7 days. Or email your resume in confidence to

To the Employers:
The best may not be looking to change. Contingency search; guarantee. Candidates placed have served 7+ years and been promoted. There may be a turnover resolicitation risk with online sites. (largest offers this option) We offer specials on crowdsourced/posted and those between opportunities.

Do not drop off resume; office closed; working from home office. Meetings/interview by appointment. Mail resume to: P.O.Box 43033, North York RPO, Sheppard Centre ON M2N 6N1.

* phonebook tip: dial *67 first if you wish to block your number.

Best results come from a corded landline.

Call: (416) 733-2696


B.A. Econ., Hons

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We believe that HST-inclusive total prices should be as boldly displayed as lower untaxed prices on grocery store shelves, particularly for salt/sugar-added foods contributing to Canada's federal and provincial health costs, especially as costs rise due to aging. There are three key reasons for this perspective:
1. A higher HST-inclusive visible price, when seen before purchase, can potentially reduce sales. This can ultimately lead to saving future health costs and contribute to the overall improvement of public health.
2. Many individuals find HST confusing, especially when comparing items like juice versus juice drinks. Clear and bold pricing can help alleviate this confusion, enabling consumers to make more informed choices.
3. According to the CMA site, indigenous and lower socioeconomic groups are more susceptible to weight gain. Displaying a larger price, inclusive of HST, could serve as a nudge for making smarter decisions that not only benefit health but also align with budget considerations. Nudge theory suggests that making it easier to choose the right thing can have positive impacts on behavior.